Mold, Biological and Microbial Testing Services

" Having worked with Century on meth, mold, and asbestos (assessment projects),

I truly appreciate your consistent willingness to provide guidance,

and your willingness to go above and beyond

the scope of engagement, which has saved us

considerable time and money.

There is no doubt that all of these projects would have

been far more difficult without your help."

-Mark Massey

President and CEO

Evergreen Property Management

Services Offered:

Mold Evaluations are performed when mold is not evident, using a variety of diagnostic techniques including test holes, boroscope, IR camera, moisture meters, and sampling via air, tape, swab, or bulk. The extent of the mold growth is determined, measures and procedures for remediation are developed, and the project is overseen and tested to ensure correct implementation.

Mold Testing is performed to determine if an unknown mold issue may be present, to characterize types of mold, determine airborne concentrations, or provide documentation on current conditions. An experienced in-house lab is available as well as external analysis.

On-Site Analysis capabilities greatly expedite characterization of problems and rapid resolution when building occupancy is a major concern.

Dust Measurements to Facilitate Clearance is a technique developed by Century to assist contractors wishing to pass a clearance test on the first effort. Raising the clearance pass rate from 50% to over 90% is highly
desirable when mobilization costs are significant or when the property needs
to be re-occupied as soon as possible.

Expert Witness services have been requested by attorneys on difficult cases that could not be resolved out of court.

Sewage or Bacterial Testing is performed in some cases to ensure adequate disinfection.

Testing for Allergens, Histoplasma, or other agents is provided upon request.


Representative Clients

Laramie County School District #1, Wyoming

Laramie County School District #2, Wyoming

Adams and Poudre School Districts, Colorado

Fannie Mae

Real Estate and Property Management Companies

Veterans Administration

US Department of Agriculture


For more facts about Mold for Homeowners please visit the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).