Methamphetamine (Meth) Consulting Services

"On the many projects that we have worked with Century, they have shown their tremendous

expertise and their ability to work fast and efficiently and were always looking for a better way

to examine data, cleaning procedures,and analysis of the properties

to ensure they are in a clean and safe state."

-Doug Griffith,

Owner and Manager BioClean of Colorado

(meth remediation contractor)

Meth residues are often found in residential property, especially in rental units, but in other types of property as well. When owners face potential liability or financial costs, or when one is investing in property, we offer the means to protect against unknowns through cost effective sampling that provides the most definitive information possible. Surface sampling inherently has limitations, but based on our extensive experience, we can help ensure appropriate sampling is done and offer recommendations on the best way to navigate through the regulatory and legal processes. We have presented recommendations for better (often simpler) regulations at national meetings and within regional states. Based on reputation, we were selected to draft the meth cleanup regulations for the State of Wyoming, and they were adopted largely unchanged from our draft.

Meth Screening Samples are collected as the most cost effective way to do an FYI test on a property. Current field test kits are often highly inaccurate and misleading (reporting meth when there is none and vice versa). Screening samples are very accurate for answering the question: “Is meth present or not” but less helpful in indicating the concentration in different parts of the building.

Full Meth Assessments are appropriate when it is likely that there is an issue, when a meth lab or meth use is known to have occurred, or when a party wants a clear clean bill of health. These are called Initial Assessments in Wyoming or Preliminary Assessments in Colorado. We have completed hundreds of these assessments and understand that the pertinent regulations are often misunderstood by others, and the assessments are often not in compliance. This can result in a legal challenge to disclosure or to risk management.

Cleanup Recommendations are prepared after the full assessment in a manner that contractors bidding on remediation can have a clear understanding. As a result of the recommendations we have prepared, to date there has never been a change order requested for additional work.

Post Remedial Testing is the final stage in the process leading up to our certification that the property meets all applicable meth requirements.

Meth Training Classes have been provided to real estate/property managers as well as contractors (HAZWOPER).

Meth Litigation unfortunately occurs at times, and we have been admitted as an expert witness in this subject. Some recent cases included:

  • A builder sold an admitted meth lab house without disclosing the issue. We represented the buyer and effectively negated the builder’s consultant claim that meth was not an issue. Builder eventually settled for over $100,000.

  • A tenant learned that the house he rented was occupied by a drug dealer and commissioned a screening test. This consultant told the tenant that the meth level was 100 times the limit. Our testing negated that claim, and allowed the situation to be resolved without litigation.

  • Another consultant claimed our report was inaccurate during mediation hearings. The judge ruled in our favor and rejected the opinion of the other consultant.

  • A developer bought a meth lab and flipped it without disclosure. Our testing confirmed that it had issues, with which the developer’s consultant concurred. Case was settled out of court.

  • A DA retained us as an expert in restitution hearings. Based on our testimony and the other facts, the judge ruled in favor of the landlord.

  • The best successes are all the cases that didn’t proceed far towards litigation. Our view is that litigation should be avoided whenever possible, and in numerous instances where an occupant was exposed to meth caused by another party, our risk communication efforts helped avoid the tenant becoming fearful and angry, and promoted a constructive solution.


Representative Clients

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac

Veterans Administration

Numerous real estate companies, including Coldwell Banker,
The Group, Remax and others

Evergreen Property Management

Armadillo Property Management

Gablehouse, Granberg, and Caulkins, LLC